12/20/2016 by Chris Selmer
Web Tech in 2017 - CSS Frameworks

I recently asked some of the smartest people I know in the tech community questions about web tech trends for 2017. Here are the results for CSS frameworks. Stay tuned for other categories.


Bootstrap is the overwhelmingly CSS framework pick for current and future projects. A surprising (to me) number of respondents are not using a framework and are rolling their own.

Is this scientific and statistically valid? Nope.

I make absolutely no claim to this being a scientific survey. It is completely biased and skewed by many of my connections coming from my days of leading a Ruby on Rails consultancy. It also has a small sample size, with 49 respondents to my survey.

That said, these results come from some of the smartest and most forward-thinking tech people I know. I find the results to be educational and they will most definitely help inform my technology decision-making in the new year.

CSS Frameworks

I asked questions about the following CSS frameworks:


Bootstrap is the overwhelming CSS framework of choice. Most people (62.5%) that responded to the survey are using Bootstrap as their CSS framework in current projects, and almost half (45.7%) said that they’d choose it for their next project.

I had been expecting a framework like Foundation to be the second-most popular, but many people are either going without a framework or rolling their own. Almost 40% of respondents chose this option in their current projects, and about 20% would do the same for a future project.

Beyond Bootstrap, Semantic-UI seems to have caught the interest of some respondents - no one reported using it in existing project, but several (3) are interested in pursuing it on a future project.

Semantic-UI is on my list to try out in 2017, as are other intriguing frameworks mentioned by respondents: Polymer (paper-elements) and Bulma.io.

Original questions and full results below.

What CSS framework/s are you CURRENTLY using on projects?

CSS frameworks currently used on projects

Frameworks entered for ‘Other’ included: SCSS, Polymer (paper-elements), Basscss, Tachyons

Framework Count
Bootstrap 30
None/Roll own 18
Foundation 8
Materialize 4
Polymer 1
Basscss 1
Tachyons 1
Semantic-UI 0

What CSS framework would you choose for a NEW project?

CSS frameworks currently used on projects

Frameworks entered for ‘Other’ included: Polymer (paper-elements), Bulma.io, Basscss, Tachyons, Neat

Framework Count
Bootstrap 21
None/Roll own 10
Materialize 4
Semantic-UI 3
Foundation 2
Bulma.io 1
Polymer 1
Neat 1
Basscss 1
Tachyons 1